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Fundraising Incentive Programs: How Many is Too Many Product Choices?

Incentive Program Product Debate Question #3 imageOh, the controversy! For the last several weeks, Turnkey’s sister blog, Nonprofit Tools, has been tossing questions to the blogosphere about incentive program products found in fundraising events.

We launched this expedition because we know that when it comes to fundraiser gift programs, there are two distinct philosophies. (Read my Why a Nonprofit Incentive Program Debate? post for philosophy summary.)

The last question has launched, and it could be said to be our most controversial. We ask: Is it more effective to offer a fundraiser several gift choices, or a limited number of incentive products? We liken the comparison to offering the fundraiser a shopping expedition vs. the choice of only a few meaningful items.

For those folks like me who build programs for nonprofits every day, the answer to THIS question in many ways represents the program’s fundamental philosophy. Please let me know what you think. Enter a comment in the incentive product discussion and you are automatically entered to win a gift in our giveaway.

Share your opinion, visit Turnkey’s Nonprofit Tools site today. And thanks for your feedback!

Why a Nonprofit Incentive Program Product Debate?

Some people might call us instigators, but I believe in engaging healthy conversations to learn and explain a point of view. And I’m not above bribing. Let me explain.

Turnkey’s sister blog, Nonprofit Tools, is a platform we’ve created to support some of our favorite people in the world: the Fundraising Event Manager. These folks are typically staff members who organize thousands of walk/run/extreme sports participants each year. They swoon donors and sponsors, manage tons of paper work, and work tirelessly for their cause. God bless them all!

Turnkey Promotions works closely with these heroes, providing them with event tee shirts, assisting them with volunteer recruitment and retention, and guiding them through the fundraiser incentive program process.  

When it comes to the products nonprofits use in their fundraiser gift programs, there are two distinct philosophies. One philosophy includes giving participants lots of choices of retail-available items – blenders, clocks, color TVs, etc. This philosophy is geared toward exploiting the fundraiser’s motivation to get a product for him or herself or family. The other concept, which we advocate, focuses on the desire of fundraisers to self-identify (via a logo-imprinted apparel, for example) with a nonprofit for which they choose to fundraise. 

We Want to Know Your Opinion
For the next several weeks, our Tools blog will be comparing products that speak to each viewpoint. Which mindset will resonate most with the event manager crowd? Find out by joining the product conversation. Post a comment and get entered to win a gift. That’s right, I’m not above bribing you nonprofit folks for your opinion. So what you waiting for? Go to our Nonprofit Tools blog today to learn more!