Thankful for Law Enforcement Torch Run Officers And Their Fancy Pants Too.

During the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run National Summit in Indianapolis, I saw big, burly police officers brought to their emotional knees by the vulnerability of a population of special needs athletes. Burly is a state of mind by the way, one which I achieve on select occasions, like when someone steals my lunch from the company fridge. I puff up pretty good on that.

FLA Law Enforcement Torch Run volunteers

Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run National Summit, 2012, Florida volunteers

The idea that these big, burly men and women are watching out for vulnerable populations gets me. These people demonstrate a tolerance, acceptance and love for those who are different. They lead as they serve. They teach our general population how to accept, how to tolerate, how to be kind. And, it’s just kind of cool that they typically are well-equipped to make darned sure you got the lesson.

These officers will stop at virtually nothing to accomplish their tasks. They will jump into ice cold water, pull planes and trains, sit on top of donut shops until you release them with donations, and they will even wear outfits like these. Seriously, this guy could easily have pulled you over somewhere in Florida, where they are from. Knowing that he wears pants like these on off hours… for whatever reason… is likely to put a smile on your face that could make him say, “Boy, you better wipe that grin off your face before I wipe it off for you.” And, he could.

Dear Law Enforcement Torch Run officers and volunteers: We are thankful for every last one of you. We don’t care what kind of pants you wear (wink, wink).

Happy holidays everyone!


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