Humor Always Has a Home. Even with Bigots and Republicans.

I wore a client event tee shirt to a national conference the other weekend, and I didn’t realize people would answer the question on the shirt. (The question: “does this shirt make my brain look big?”)

Does this shirt make my brain look big?Top answers:

  • No.
  • No, but it makes your butt look like hell.
  • I can’t see your brain.
  • It’s either your head or your brain, but yes, one looks big.
  • That’s a very yellow tee.

Regardless, the tee shirt got a lot of attention from its target audience – national public media fundraisers. What it showed me is that humor always has a home. People like and appreciate a good chuckle.

Katrina VanHuss

Often, I find myself on the edges of appropriateness with my own humor. Sometimes, I get over the edge because of my own personal experiences. Since I am an avowed non-bigot and work hard to be tolerant, I feel like I can own jokes that are bigoted and nontolerant.

Examples: I was born in redneck country; rednecks are fair game. My best friend in high school was black; black people are fair game. My daughter is handicapped; the handicapped are fair game. I work with men; those of low emotional IQ are fair game. I am a middle-aged woman; young, ripped, sweaty, shirtless men working on highway crews are fair game — no, sorry… distracted and derailed. (See how much fun it is being a non-bigot?!)

I figure annoying the 2% of absolutely humorless people I meet is worth making the other 98% chuckle. (That’s assuming that I run in circles where there are few Republicans.) See, I love Republicans; Republicans are fair game.

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