Local Public Broadcasting Embraces New (and Brainy) Way to Fundraise

Katrina VanHussFirst in the nation! I don’t get to say that much. Just once more – first in the nation! That felt good.

Imagine my delight when I found a new client who already had an extensive and passionate volunteer base and an online fundraising platform in place. And, to top if off, they OWN several media outlets. What they needed was a great strategy… and that’s what brought them to Turnkey Promotions and what has catapulted us both into our “first” status.

Dear fundraising event managers: Take a look at this campaign. There are some wonderful communication and strategy nuggets here!

About Community Idea Stations and the Big Idea Challenge
Our new, wonderful client is the Community Idea Stations in Richmond, Virginia. These television and radio stations have embraced our strategy to use volunteer leadership to create a new income event based on peer to peer grassroots fundraising — an entirely new kind of fundraising for public broadcasting.

Take a look textInstead of asking donors directly for funds, volunteer fundraisers are asking for donations from their own networks, leveraging their personal influence along with a passion for public broadcasting.

In addition to the obvious financial goals, the Community Idea Stations also wanted to bring the brand into the community in a new and more meaningful way. Having volunteers ask their networks for donations is another way of saying “public broadcasting is important to me” and there is no stronger way to advocate for a brand.

The event will be mission-appropriate and something very creative and exciting. Puzzle solving skills, big brains, and a competitive spirit are required. (As noted on the Big Idea Challenge website, participants “may need to solve an anagram, de-code a secret message, find a hidden object in a picture, call a phone number – or perform some other task requiring mental agility.”)

Volunteer Communication Best Practices, in Practice
Here is a blog post from Josh Dare, the first ever volunteer leader of a peer to peer grassroots fundraising event in public broadcasting.

Take note of these things as you read:

  • This chairperson articulates the mission effectively.
  • This chairperson understands how to make his committee want to work for him… it’s all about them, not him.
  • This committee is an amazing assortment of talent recruited to perform with their areas of expertise.
  • This communication is from and about the volunteers, not the staff of the nonprofit.
  • This event is designed and thus owned by the volunteers.
  • The staff of the nonprofit is not front and center, they are virtually invisible and serve as liaison to the resources of the organization.

I look forward to working on this creative and “brainy” campaign!

Take a look at The Big Idea Challenge to learn more about the event, or http://ideastations.org/ to learn more about the great organization behind it.

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